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Drinking Age Changed To 18

Drinking Age Law after the 1930's

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Photo Courtesy Of The Norfolk Public Library

The repeal of Prohibition had taken place in 1933 as congress put a vote to it.The popular vote for repeal was 74 % in favor and 26 % in opposition. After prohibition ended in 1933, the drinking age was regulated by cities and states. People who were 18 were allowed to buy lighter alcohol such as beer but not liquor. States then on started dropping the age to 18 as time went on. During WW2, alcohol was allowed to be sold on military bases to soldiers who were 18. After WW2, 18 states had changed the age to 18.


During the Vietnam War Era, it was said that if an eighteen year-old can fight in a foreign war, then they should be able to have a beer. This led to protests over in the US during the war. In 1966, every state had dropped the drinking age to eighteen and alcohol was sold on military bases in Vietnam.